Every aspect of the KYREEN® bag was designed with the intention and purpose to accompany you as you balance being a mother, being a superwoman, a boss lady and making it all work.

As you can tell in my story, I wasn’t planning on ever designing my own backpack, but it happened organically when I was on my journey of streamlining everything in my life to be more productive.

I knew that I had to be organized to keep my sanity and to focus my time on the things I love.
So that led me to my desire to change my disorganized lifestyle into a more simpler, organized one that I felt in control in. That’s when I became a huge fan of Marie Kondo and the whole Minimalism movement.

I realized that it was a mindset shift and being on a quest to be the most productive and efficient was the only way I could achieve my personal and professional goals.

My backpack which I took everywhere with me was no exception. I wanted a bag that I could take with me to work, on play dates, on travel with or without my children, or even my kids to work and everything in between! And of course, I needed a bag that helped me keep organized while I’m conquering the day…

So that’s how the backpack came about.



Ideal for families with multiple children to take on all day outings to overnight trips. Several roomy compartments store and organize diapers, clothes, toys, snacks, mommy must-haves and many more essentials you can’t leave home without.

Easily Attaches To Strollers

When out with your children it’s great to have a backpack because it keeps your hands free to quickly take care of mommy duties. But a loaded diaper bag can be heavy so that’s why we added stroller straps so you can easily attach to your stroller and give your back a break!

Your Portable Changing Station

Whenever you step out of your house with your little one, it’s just a matter of time before the explosion happens….I’m talking about the “POO Explosion”. It doesn’t matter where you’re at – in the car, at the park, in a restaurant, shopping at a store, flying on an airplane, etc., you need to be prepared. That’s why we added a soft, easily cleaned, foldable diaper changing pad. You can lay your child down and keep them protected from the hard and germ-infested surface!

Fun Print On Outside

Easy Cleanable Inside Material

Quick Access Compartment

Easily Accessible Wipes Pocket

Designed to hold a large wipes pack with an access zipper and doubles as another water bottle holder.

Large Water Bottle Holder

Isn’t it annoying when the side pockets are so small?! This side pocket was made large enough to hold water bottles up to 32oz!

Easy To Clean

It doesn’t matter how careful you try to be when you’re out with your kids…..something is going to spill on your backpack. From baby barf to…if you’re lucky, spilled milk, all you need is a wipe to clean up the mess!


Timeless & Classy Look

The KYREEN® Backpack was designed to help you from outings with your baby, to work and overnight travel. It’s business classy look goes well with your business attire.

Work Ready

Easily transforms into a laptop bag with its padded laptop compartment that holds up to a 15in. laptop. With multiple compartments to hold your notebook, calculator, pens, chargers and other work-related necessities.


Easy Traveling

Slides over your luggage handle making the walk through the airport easier.

Easy Packing

Easily pack and unpack with wide suitcase style opening.

Hidden Compartment

Keep your valuables safe when traveling with the zippered security compartment located right against your back.


The KYREEN® bag has its own organizational system; it comes with two packing cubes and drawstring pouch as well as multiple pockets and compartments to keep the main compartment from turning into the dreaded backpack “Blackhole”.

A cluttered and disorganized bag is the last thing you should worry about!

Three Piece Organizing Set Included

Fits Perfectly Inside Main Compartment



A bag that you can use for your baby, work, travel, for everyday use. The bag can adapt to your needs – no need to buy so many bags for so many different functions, the KYREEN® bag is all you need.

The KYREEN® Bag Set – Bonus Accessories Included!

Three Piece Backpack Organizing Set

All of your essentials will be easy to find and have a home with this three-piece organizing set.

Diaper Changing Pad

Have your own changing station anywhere, whether you are out in public on a germ-infested surface to changing a poo explosion on your friends’ white carpet.

You’ll be ready anywhere anytime!

Adjustable Stroller Straps

Relieve your back on longer outings with the adjustable stroller straps.

Like I mentioned before, the key to doing it all is to improve your productivity. It is about having the right mindset and tools. You have to know that while being a mom is a lot of hard work, that it doesn't mean you can't do it all. It just means that you need to be more efficient and productive to do things now since you have less time and more responsibilities.

The KYREEN® backpack was designed to be ultra versatile to help you on that journey and as one of your mommy "tools" that supports you throughout your day, whether you're at work, with your kids or traveling.

I wanted to make sure that this backpack was the ULTIMATE one that had all of the essentials you needed bundled altogether, unlike other backpack companies where you have to buy the accessories separately.

So what are you waiting for...get yours today!


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  • ​Complete 3-piece organizational set ($24.95 Value)
  • Adjustable Stroller Straps ($19.95 Value)
  • Coordinating Diaper Changing Pad ($9.95 Value)

Total Value: $139.04

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