My ultimate hope for the Kyreen bag is to accompany you as you and your growing family experience life together; its purpose is to be a part of your journey as a functional companion. The creation of this special bag was inspired by my personal experiences with life and motherhood, and has a unique journey of its own…

If you can believe it, creating a diaper bag was not always my end goal. I’m a Southern California girl who graduated from UC Berkeley and as a senior earned an opportunity to internship in Corporate America, which then turned into a position as a marketing coordinator at the same company upon graduation.

… its purpose is to be a part of your journey as a functional companion.

While I soon discovered that the traditional path was perhaps not quite what I hoped for myself professionally, I am forever grateful for the experience, as this is where I met my husband. We began dating, and after working for less than a year together at the same company, we decided to part ways with the company and embark upon our own entrepreneurial goals and started a retail business; I was only 22! Being young, motivated, and passionate, for the next four years we worked tirelessly to insure we were building a prosperous business that we were both proud of.

We married in Hawaii, and those first few years were devoted to each other and to our business. We happily spent all of our time together and devoted our efforts and energy to the success of our business; our own version of marital bliss! Several years down the road, we decided it was time to grow our family. Our first child was born, and our professional world shifted dramatically. We quickly learned, as new parents do, that balancing career and family responsibilities can be quite a challenge (to say the least). Jump ahead several more years, add a second child, a fish, and two giant dogs and adulting just got real! We had added more variables and responsibilities to our already busy lifestyle, yet, were working with the same amount of hours each day. I sometimes look back and don’t know how we survived!

In order to work more efficiently in all areas of my life, I craved simple and timesaving techniques…

Life became more overwhelming with family and business, and it became more and more necessary to remain organized in my everyday life. In order to work more efficiently in all areas of my life, I craved simple and timesaving techniques that would streamline my daily mom, wife, and professional responsibilities. Inspired by the Kon Mari Method and the Minimalist Movement, I decided to focus more on the things I love and need, versus acquiring many less meaningful material goods; a lifestyle that was a bit different than what I used to strive for.

With this new mindset in practice, the idea of the Kyreen bag blossomed. I was pregnant with our second child and required a bag that could remain organized, hold all necessary items while traveling with or without children, easy to handle, and stylish. I traveled frequently for work while my children were small, often times bringing them with me, and needed a bag that was versatile enough for my work needs, as well as their personal needs. Being determined to continue to make our lifestyle work as entrepreneurs and as parents, the Kyreen bag was born.

I am truly passionate about what I do, and I fully believe that creating the life you want with your family is always possible with equal parts vision, organized planning, hard work, and love. The Kyreen Bag has allowed me to experience life with my family the way I envision, in more ways than one, and my hope is that it will do the same for you and your family.



As a mom, organization has become even more important in all aspects of my life. There are more things to do with less time and looking for items is just a waste of time! So after having kids, I’ve just been on this journey to organize my life and things. That’s where the organizational cubes came about. I wanted a place for everything so everything is easy to find.


Along my organization journey, I realized I needed to get rid of clutter and only keep the things that I absolutely loved. So I started purchasing things that were more timeless and versatile. That is why our first launch of the backpack is in the classic black but still has cute accessories that I can easily exchange when I feel like it.


In order to minimize the number of items I have, I definitely wanted a bag that was very versatile so I don’t need to own so many bags. I realized that I traveled quite a bit for work and so added the travel components of the bag – luggage sleeve and security pocket. I also added the laptop compartment so it was easy for me to take to work. This bag is meant to go through your important mommy duties with your baby and beyond!

At Kyreen Co, we focus on producing high quality, versatile and functional products. While I may just be talking about a backpack, I hope that it may inspire you to come along this journey with me – to be the very best mom I can be, while focusing on organizing and streamlining my life in all aspects. The Kyreen Bag can be your travel companion, navigating through your daily adventures, always keeping your items organized and ready to go for you whenever you need them.